A Tour of Kidd's Island

This is a new web site as of February 15, 2003. The contents of the following pages have not been viewed by the public before now. I have always liked the motto: "One picture is worth a thousand words." So now I would like to show you a few thousand words.

All my photos and information have my name and logo on them for obvious reasons. So enjoy my web site and "Kidd's Island". Kidd's charts were actually his notes, he knew where the Islands were located. He needed a record of where he made his deposits of treasure. What people don't know is that Kidd was a Pirate for over twenty years. Then he went legitimate and was so until his last venture.

Estimate of his take, over his life-time, runs as high as five hundred billion dollars. I think this amount is high. A more realistic figure would be one hundred billion dollars. If Kidd deposited just twenty percent of this, It would amount to twenty billion dollars. Which is still a staggering amount of treasure.

In Kidd's ballad, it said, he took three Spanish galleons at once. At today's prices, their contents would be worth approximately two billion dollars. So you see, two billion dollars at once, it starts to add up fast. In twenty years it is almost impossible to calculate all the treasure that Kidd had amassed.

There are no codes to decipher, nothing to figure out, once you have the location of the Island, all the numbers on the charts fit exactly.

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